The Windbreaker is a bracket to hold containers together under severe weather. The Windbreaker is easy to handle and is very easy to store

Windbreaker keeps containers locked together.

The Windbreaker is a patented bracket for connecting two adjacent containers in a stack and reduces the risk of a stack being blown over in high winds.

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Why should I use it?

  • Reduce the risk of a stack being blown over in severe weather
  • No big impact on your depot activity when storm comes up
  • Less time lost and exponential repair costs
  • Caring about the durability of your customers' equipment
  • Easy to handle

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Buy Windbreakers and prevent much damage.

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Mainport Container Services (MCS) Rotterdam/The Netherlands

We have been advocating Windbreakers since 2014. It took a couple of weeks to convince the Empty  Handler drivers that it would make our daily work more safe and less time consuming to get prepared for upcoming storm situations. However, we all work with the same procedures and instructions now. This team effort helps to create happy customers and shareholders!

Jeroen Schilperoort
- Operations Manager at Mainport Container Services (MCS) Rotterdam/The Netherlands

DR depot Antwerp/Belgium

Our depot has been using Windbreakers for over 2 years. We store the containers on 180.000 m2. There are many angles from which the wind can cause problems. Using Windbreakers in these windy corners have prevented a lot of damage in the past years. But remember, Windbreakers are only tools for damage control in storm situations. Stacking is, and always will be, a people’s job. The rest is an “act of God”.

Carlo Maliepaard
- Shift leader at DR depot Antwerp/Belgium