The Windbreaker, a revolutionary product

The Windbreaker is a patented manual twistlock with a hook for connecting two adjacent containers in a stack and reduces the risk of a stack being blown over in high winds. The twistlock locks into the top front two corner castings of an empty container before it is placed in the top row of a stack. When the container is lowered into position the hook element drops into the corner castings of the adjacent container. A technical report of the TNO University shows that a horizontal connection of a row of containers provides a very high level of protection against high winds.

Key facts

  • Reduces the risk of a stack being blown over in high winds
  • Safe and Positive look to Staff on Location
  • Easy to handle
  • Positive look to the labour inspection
  • Commercial added value to the customers
  • No big impact on your depot activity when storm comes up
  • No longer emergency container handling at emerging storms
  • Less time lost and exponential repair costs
  • Better rate on your insurance